Type of business activity

“Elkor” manufactures thermoplastics, thermoset parts and semi-finished components for final products. We meet all customers’ expectations in the field of produced goods and their quality. We cooperate with leading producers of both electrical equipment and systems for energy distribution . In order to meet business partners’ demands, we help in assembly of produced wares.

We are also able to undertake the production of final products in accordance with established pattern, including the stage of designing moulds for the ordered parts.

Our company is different from others operating in the same trade, because despite the production based on common thermoplastics, we also process thermosetting plastics such as bakelite, melamine or urea plastic. They are widely applied in the electric and energy industry because of their specific features: non-flammable and non-melting material, insolubility , low electrical conductivity /isolators/, low thermal conductivity and relatively high chemical resistance.